I help men & women on the brink of burnout

Elite transformational coaching for men and women struggling with stress, anxiety, and burnout 


Awaken your inner warrior

Redirect destructive energy

Take control of your happiness

On the outside, your life looks "successful"

but on the inside

you feel flat, cynical, and uninspired, stuck in a cycle of anxiety and stress,
living a life you don't love

Personal and work relationships are deteriorating

Sleep, physical health, and emotional wellness are declining

You feel shame for not pushing through pressures as expected

You've tried various therapies and treatments, but nothing works

You feel alone and isolated, with no idea where to turn for help

I've been there too

I know the joys and nightmares of life's journey through hard knocks, grief, trauma, and experience.

My long list of triumphs and rock bottoms are my clients’ greatest assets. If you know you have to create a new reality for yourself and how you live your life, I can help you.

Trust me, you’re headed somewhere great.

Reclaim your life with targeted
transformational coaching

Many successful men and women struggle with anxiety, burnout, and stress, and don't know where to turn for effective help. At Awake Warrior, I blend ancient healing practices with 25 years of self-discovery and learning to deliver highly personalized, targeted coaching services for men and women who want to transform how they experience life.

  • a supportive coaching relationship tailored to your needs
  • a blended approach combining QiGong, Meditation, Restorative Yoga, breathwork, and targeted coaching
  • a solid foundation of practices to reset and redirect destructive energy
  • live life with purpose, meaning, and happiness, free from unhealthy coping mechanisms and addictions
  • enhance and enjoy personal relationships
  • regain confidence, control, and clarity

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During the pandemic, my husband became extremely negative and wasn't able to focus on anything. After we separated, he reached out to David. He learned how to cope with stress, gain self awareness, positive communication skills, and rebuild healthy relationships.
Our marriage was not fixed overnight but the positive, supportive and loving man I married resurfaced.

Thank you David, your coaching truly saved our marriage.

Elizabeth Santarita,

Co-Founder, Silentblast

Awaken the warrior in you


Decide to transform

I obsess over getting real results for my clients. But it only works if you're committed to transforming your life


Schedule a conversation

For a great coaching relationship we have to connect on lots of levels. Let's start with a conversation


Experience breakthroughs

And awaken the warrior in you who fights for a life worth living

Work with David


Power Session

For men and women who are  sitting on the fence about working with a coach or wondering whether my approach will work for them.

In this 3 hour session, we diagnose your challenges, get to know each other, address your concerns and questions, and introduce a healing tool to help you now.


1-on-1 Expansion Coaching Program

You know it’s time to invest in yourself and you’re committed to engaging with a coach to change how you do life.

This program is a transformative 8-week journey tailored to address your personal challenges. Combining restorative yoga, QiGong, and meditation with highly targeted coaching, this program is designed to change how you approach life.

Includes collaboration with outside expert partners ranging from nutritionists to life strategists, depending on your needs.

Transform Stress/Anxiety/Burnout For The Modern Working Warrior – Online Course

"As a busy professional who suffers from anxiety and the inability to calm my thoughts and relax, David's online program has been a game changer." - Tom Potter

This comprehensive self-paced program is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge for creating a life you love.

Featuring six practical modules, each offering easy-to-follow instruction in key areas like mindset, meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and movement. 

Progress through each module at your own pace, ensuring a comfortable and practical learning experience. 

By the end of this course, you'll have the know-how and strategies to breakthrough stress and anxiety, with techniques you will use forever.

What will your awakening sound like?

"An energizing and healing experience. Dave creates a very kind and considerate low pressure environment."

Kevin Wallace
Founder, Gears Bike Shop

"It's an unwritten with David.
Your life will change."

Antonio Navarrete
President, Silentblast Inc. 

"David is an inspiration, his devotion to growth and spiritual mastery leaves a lasting impression."

Matthew Wright
Director of Asset Management

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Elite transformational coaching for men on the brink of burnout

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